our roots

Established in 2013, S&G Trading is company that develops, manufactures and distributes unique products across Europe. With a combined industry experience of more than 20 years S&G is one of the leading companies in its industry. .

With a unique market approach, clever marketing strategy and a vast network of industry and technology partners, S&G provides the brands it represents a quality network resellers.

S&G does what it says and says what it does. When we say 48 hours it’s 48 hours. When we promise something to our customers we deliver. For you as a customer this means that you can rest assure after placing your order. When you order we update you throughout the process.

Our logistics partner even provides real-time data about your and we provide you the details you care about. Even if you need help after your order we’re there. Do you need additional marketing materials? More info about a product or a tricky question from your customer? Where there to help, just contact us.

Do you have a clever product or well-designed idea?

S&G could be the right partner for you. With our unique approach, vast experience and large network we could be your potential business partner. With network of over 30 sales agents across Europe we can help you launch, distribute and fulfill orders in an unprecedented way.

Our website uses the latest available technology and is directly tied in to our logistics and administrative process. Our sales data is real time and we can provide our partners with other details and statics when they need them. Drop us a line on how we can help your business grow across Europe.